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As visuals are becoming key on the web, this project illustrates how a brand image can be remodelled and upgradedand see direct sales results out of it.

Context : part of the general work I achieved to renew Janine Robin image and introduce Laura Beach. I created and managed the image website creation project for both brands on the marketing end.

Achievements : I managed a photographer to make new picture style with a vintage look - a trans-generational way to update your image. I decided to create a full page image website. I organized a capture of company history pictures and "behind the scene" pictures. I wrote website content in French and English. I was responsible for marketing and artistic direction of the website. I had to get involved in technical aspects of website creation as it became a part of my website project manager duties.

Results : 80 % of the traffic on e-commerce comes from the image website. Bouncing rate is very low. See above picture and artistic lay-out and tell me how these images make you feel. A come-back of press interests for Janine Robin. New customers came from all over the world.