//Greenspace web 2.0 image website

This project combined marketing, communication and sales skills as it was spearheaded in France a brand new trend for entrepreneurs : "co-working".

Context : As the new web 2.0 co-working space, Greenspace Paris, in the center of Paris, was created, I was asked to study market place and build communication tools for its launch. The website was one of the promotion tool I had to create.

Achievements : After studying the market, I focused on a niche market to bring more impact to the brand. I decided to organize meetings within the company to capture the co-working spirit. I took pictures of these meetings. I then wrote in French and English what they inspired to me. I proposed a design for the website ( worked with a graphist). I managed website design and marketing and was the project manager on the entire project length.

Results : Greenspace Paris coworking place is full today. Website image clearly relates to its founder's and co-workers' spirit. I recently heard that some web 2.0 bloggers when they saw the website, asked to video tape Greenspace Paris coworkers in action !