About Libera M and C Inc - Digital/ Multi-channel/ Innovation Strategy Director with Business Development skills

Focused on finding consumer needs and issues to define the best product/ marketing and sales strategy for companies today.

Main activities:

- Management of foreign subsidiaries and especially focusing on marketing and sales outreach.

- Challenging innovation through Design Thinking and consumer focused methodologies

- Management of Digital marketing transformation and multichannel.

- Marketing Direction and campaign content.

- New Business Development.

Libera M and C was hold on stand-by as the founder took a full-time position which could have been competing. But the owner, Laurence Jaillet still uses this website to show some of her portfolio of projects and style.

About this website :

In the chapters marked with a twitter sign (#): you will find my achievements and skills.

In the chapters marked with a double slash (//): you will find some of the projects I achieved - referred as "company cases".