//EDF movie & communication events

Sometimes you need to make a radical change in the way you communicate, especially when you are a well-known established industry.  Here is an example that it can be worth doing so.

Context :

In the context of potential private electricity providers competing with EDF Hydro-electricity - national French electricity provider - on its home land, EDF contracted an agency in the Pyrennees to communicate for them. They insisted on communicating about environment conservation values that EDF was uniquely bringing to the land. A series of movies and events had to be designed and produced by the agency. I was responsible for co-building the event project with the agency and produced the pilot communication movie. Only the movie is presented here.

Achievements : 

- On the movie :

Development of movie scenario with the client, found actors, movieplaces, coordinate movie direction set-up, manage movie team, budget, produce the movie with the team on site, manage editing and movie product finalization.

- On events :

Help defining communication event strategy, find technical producers for all parts of the event series, budget the different aspects of the project.

Results :

- Edf ordered a full series of communication movies of this style to the agency, the pilot movie was shown at political and management meetings and quoted in press releases.

- Event project was approved and some events will soon start.