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Experience and the quality of experience is the key of brand image. With Libera M and C inc in the US, the quality of the production and of the content is at the core of the experience.

- Event production: PR events & awards ceremonies.
Please note most of the events produced, were large productions in New York and Paris, that included multi-brand partnerships.
The first event produced was for the Huit brand in North America which was totally new on the market place. The only option to rise quickly a decent brand awareness, was to make a big buzz around the brand. This is why we made "a first of its kind" event: a fashion show with live musicans and actors in a top New York venue : the Tribeca Grand Hotel. The event was impactful enough to position the Huit brand in the press and have it bought at all major luxury Department Stores.
Later on, we managed different high end events : dinners, fashion and femmy awards, PR and so on ... and social community events. Today all our production work takes at core brand interests and impact. And it makes a difference when considering final results.
Most event results : 600 to 1000s people,  50 to 150 articles press articles and TV spots

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