//Sara Lee Corporation: brand strategy & international development

This is an example of a successful local branding strategy.

Bali was one of the 7 brands I handled for Sara Lee Corporation.

At some point, Sara Lee brands wanted to upgrade their Bali brand image and sell to Saks rather than Macy's. The company decided to hire a well- known photographer : Richard Avedon who was able to reveal brand high quality standards.
In export sales, some areas were more challenging than others and women beauty could not be shown as openly as in the US.
The Middle East region was one of many examples.
In the Middle East case, we decided to go after local consumers' values and make the US company address the market in a more subtle manner than American brands usually do.

All campaigns were targeted to brand long history, reliability and sophistication values.

The campaigns made of newspaper ads, POS material, worked great - maybe because it stated true Bali brand values that closely related to Middle-Eastern culture such as well-being, technical support and not necessarily seduction.  Bali sales rose drastically.

In a year, Sara Lee export sales were the largest sales increase at the company. Sales doubled indeed : a 3 digits sales increase in Israel for instance.