//Naf Naf e-commerce & multichannel audit

Being selling your brand on e-commerce does not have the same challenges as trading on a multi-brand e-commerce website.

Context : Naf Naf needed to drastically increase its e-commerce business. Some re-alignments needed to be done between company target and e-commerce agency.

Achievements : I audited website conversion tunnel. I made a special note to find where Naf Naf was loosing customers as I noticed they were mostly leaving the site for other content pages - not related to e-commerce such as videos, blog, external. I insisted on finding ways to go more directly into Naf Naf product buying process. I gave some web design & marketing inputs. I studied payment, shipment, product sheet, categories and found some relevant elements that could drastically increase Naf Naf performance. I studied  in-store customer service and found some links with e-commerce that could greatly improve on-line and retail sales.

Results : 

Most changes have been taken into account. The general outlook is softer but more impactful. The home page adjustment ( with less exit possibility for the web customer) decreased its outbound rate by 30 %. As the company implemented some of the changes I proposed , sales results increased by 25 % in two weeks.