No brand can be remembered without a clear and impacful digital brand presence today. Not every company has the same needs on the web. The optimization of ressources is key to start and develop your brand awareness online. In the projects I handle, I make sure to propose the best strategy within company budget and objectives while keeping in tune with the most recent internet search engine protocoles.

This chapter deals with some of the image websites, e-commerce and social networks platforms I created.
In each project, I manage : 

- Marketing & communication - working in sink with technical teams. 
- Qualitative and quantitative Results to find improvement solutions.
- Customer acquisition, key words search (SEM and SEO), CRM and loyalty customer programms.
- Audit of e-commerce businesses to find all relevant ways to increase business performance. I also manage customer service - online and offline - as they are key in today's world, even more when customers buy online.
- In the digital projects I manage, I take into consideration offline retail experience in order to maximize global brand presence and company resources. I find ways to connect the physical and virtual world in order to optimize brand presence.

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